Equine Physiotherapy

Under Veterinary Referral, Topline Veterinary Physiotherapy provides a high quality assessment and treatment service, tailored to the individual needs of the client and owner. Our aim is to be able to restore movement, decrease pain and return animals to their optimal function. 

Equine problems that can benefit from Veterinary Physiotherapy

  • Soft tissue injury (muscles, tendons and ligaments)
  • Joint problems (arthritis/degenerative joint disease, pain/swelling/stiffness in joints )
  • Back pain
  • Poor performance
  • Behavioural changes
  • Lameness (and secondary compensations related to lameness)
  • Asymmetry due to muscle imbalance
  • Nerve injuries
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Rider related issues (see rider assessment)

Treatments include

  • Manual therapy (such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations)
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasounds, laser, pulsed electromagnetic energy)
  • Exercise therapy
  • Expert advice
  • Combined rider and horse assessment and treatment
Topline Veterinary Physiotherapy carries out a full assessment on each individual client and then formulates an appropriate treatment plan. Assessments are usually at the horses’ stable yard (under veterinary referral) however alternatives are available; please contact Topline Vet Physio for more details.

Equine prices

Equine Initial assessment and treatment £65

Equine follow up assessment and treatment £50

Discount available for multiple horses at same yard.

These prices are for yard visits and are inclusive of travel within our catchment area.

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Vet referral form

All animals require veterinary referral prior to their initial assessment.

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